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The church was organized with a small group of people in the backyard of the first pastor in 1968 and was known as “Northview” (indicating its geographic location in the Roanoke Valley.)  The group worshipped in the home of one of the members and in an outdoor pavilion until their church was completed in 1969. 

Under the anointed leadership of godly pastors, the congregation grew until, by the early 90s, the building was consistently full, and they began to seek God about expansion.  They sold that building in 1996, and then worshipped at a temporary site for almost two years while their new church was under construction.

The congregation joyfully moved into their new building in 1998 and adopted the name “Harvest Ministries” to reflect their mission and purpose.  Within seven years, all the indebtedness was retired, and continued growth fueled the need for more ministry space.  In 2005, the church purchased over 20 acres of land about 2 miles away to house the next expansion.

In October 2008, the church sold the building on Challenger Avenue to the Roanoke Seventh Day Adventist Church and entered a lease agreement which permitted them to continue to worship in their familiar surroundings while a new building was constructed.  The brick ranch house located on the new property was renovated to accommodate church offices.


After site work was completed and the contractor was ready to begin pouring concrete for the new church, the congregation gathered for a very memorable outdoor service at the site.  A Bible was placed in each of the four corners of the building, symbolizing the commitment to God’s Word.   Each person wrote their name on a tile which was later covered in concrete, thus becoming a part of the foundation of this building.

On August 8, 2010, Senior Pastor Milton Atkins led the congregation in dedicating the new Harvest Ministries Worship Center:

  • To the honor and glory of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • To the carrying out of the Great Commission.
  • To the teaching of God’s Word.
  • To the preaching of the Gospel.
  • To the worship of the Lord.
  • To be a house of prayer.
  • To the fellowship of believers and the communion of the saints.
  • To the service of mankind.
  • To the preservation and proclamation of Divine truth.

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