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When visiting a church for the first time, it can be difficult to know where to go and what to do. Some people may avoid visiting a church because they are afraid of doing the wrong thing. We hope this page will assist you as you visit our church for the first time.

At the top of the driveway, you will see the Office Building on your right.  Passing that building, you will enter the driveway to the Worship Center to your left. 

There are separate entrances to the Worship Center for the Upper and Lower Levels.  The Sunday morning worship service is held on the Upper Level, and all youth and children’s activities are located on the Lower Level.  There is ample parking on each level and a covered drop-off where passengers may wish to disembark before you park.

Harvest Ministries


On Sunday mornings, we recommend that you enter on the Upper Level.  There a Greeter will be waiting to open the door for you and to welcome you to our church. First-time guests will be given a packet of information about our church and a weekly bulletin with information about ministry activities and events. This packet also includes an information card that we ask guests to complete and return to a Greeter or simply drop in the offering bag during service. If you have nursery-aged children, greeters will show you the location of our staffed nursery.  If you have children between the ages of 3 and 11, the greeters will direct you to the elevator where you can take them to the Lower Level to sign in for kids’ church.

Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:30 AM in the sanctuary. You may sit anywhere, and a member of the Seating Team will be available to assist you.  An offering is usually received each Sunday, but we do not ask that our guests contribute to the expenses of our church.

Our style of worship may be described as “blended,” and you may hear many different styles of music.   Music is a major feature of our worship before, during, and even after the service. Instruments include piano, guitars, horns and drums. Whatever the accompaniment, inspired singing is the order of the day. A service may include traditional hymns, hand-clapping gospel songs, contemporary compositions, or reverent, worshipful choruses. Sometimes the congregation will all sing together, and there will also be special songs by soloists, duets, choirs, and instrumentalists. At Harvest Ministries, music is more than a performance--it’s an integral part of worship.

The service may also include quiet times of waiting in God’s presence, spiritually savoring the sacred atmosphere.

At other times, there may be collective praise as worshippers are invited to spontaneously express love and adoration to God. In everything, a flow of worship should be evident, and, despite the spontaneity and excitement, a certain sense of order and propriety. Worship styles will reflect the spectrum of personalities. Some are quiet and reserved; some shout with joy; others are simply tender and openly emotional during times of praise or preaching. No sincere worshipper should feel out of place as each individual’s expression blends without disrupting the flow of worship.
The centerpiece of the service is the preaching of God’s Word, the Bible.  The fervent, inspiring, and practical messages encourage life-response by the hearers. The pastor may close with an invitation for people to come forward to pray about needs in their lives – including those who need forgiveness to accept Christ as Savior, those who desire to rededicate their lives to Christ, and those who simply want to pray about other concerns and needs in their lives.

You may find that people are slow to leave after services. Many people linger to visit one another, and our pastor likes to stand at the door to shake everyone’s hand as they leave.  The Greeter you met earlier will be waiting to give you some homemade goodies as a small token of our appreciation for your visit and to take the information card you completed earlier.

We have no dress code.  We don’t turn people away based on how they are dressed, but many of our people like to wear their best clothes on Sunday morning as an indication of giving God our best as we come to worship.


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